The United States EB 5 Visa, employment-related fifth preference category or EB-5 immigrant investor visa program, established in 1990 by the Immigration Act of 1990 offers an easy way for eligible Immigrants to obtain permanent residence in the United States through an immediate eligibility evaluation process. The program is administered by the USCIS along with the Department of State and is the first of its kind.

How to Qualify for EB5 Visa?

To qualify for an immigrant visa under this program, an Immigrant Visa number must be applied for at a U.S. consulate in a foreign country or on an immigration forum or inter consulate agreement. Once approved, the applicant is issued a visa card. In order to apply for an immigrant visa under the program, applicants are required to undergo a detailed interview process and document authentication.

What can You do with an EB5 Visa?

Of particular interest to investors and entrepreneurs is the EB-5 Visa that allows immediate access to the United States market for qualified Immigrants as well as their spouses, immediate relatives, and those eligible for green cards. This program is administered by the USCIS along with the Department of State and is the first of its kind. Under the terms of the agreement, the State department issues an eb-5 visa to a qualified individual based on the need for protection in the United States.

What Happens After the EB5 Visa is Issued?

Once the visa is issued, the applicant may not depart the country until the permanent status authorized has been awarded. As a result, the applicant can remain in the United States under the provisions of the visa while awaiting a permanent visa approval.

Things to Remember About EB5 Visa:

  1. Investors in the United States who have no lawful permanent resident status in the country but who have a valid investment plan are eligible for the investor visa. For example, if an individual travels to the country on a business visa, such investor may apply for the relevant investor visa under the terms of the investor program.
  2. If the individual instead returns to the United States and applies for a visa under the terms of the i-829 petition and they should know about the EB 5 Visa cost, he or she will not be considered a qualified immigrant until six months from the date of application.

The same is true if the individual returns to the country on a visitor visa. The six-month waiting period begins with the date on which the investor submits the i-829 application. Visit the following website for more information