One might ask, why should we choose physical therapy as a profession? Physical therapy was not as reputed a few years back as it is right now. Back then many institutes were there that offered the courses of physical therapy but they only provided their students with a diploma. But things have changed drastically over the past few years as medical sciences have made vast advancements. This has led the opening of many other professions that didn’t exist before. One such profession is physical therapy. There are now universities that offer degree based courses of physical therapy. After 5 years of education, physiotherapists can use the prefix “Dr.” with their names.

Physiotherapists work in a wide range of specialisms in health and social care. There are a lot of physiotherapy centers Dubai that contribute towards the society. Apart from that, a number of physical therapists are also involved in the education sector as well. Physiotherapy can be done in a variety of different ways. There are various different treatments that support different types of injuries and problems. In this article, we will cover the variety of treatments that you can get at a physical therapy clinic.

Physiotherapy treatments

Some of the most common physical therapy treatments are listed below in this article.

Range of motion exercise

It is usual that doctors prescribe rest right after you face an accident or injury. This helps the bones and muscles to recover. But extensive rest can lead to even more complex problems. That’s why, physiotherapists prescribe different low impact exercises that target muscles and joints to promote mobility. This speeds up the recovery process.


Electrotherapy is a recent addition. This is the best option for patients with paralysis or extremely limited range of motion. In this treatment electric simulation is provided to the skin by attaching electrodes.

Soft tissue mobilization

It is also called therapeutic massage. It targets the relaxation of certain muscles in the body and reduces swelling. It also aids in better blood circulation.

Therapeutic ultrasound

It is best suited for patients suffering from arthritis, tendonitis and muscles strain. In this massage, sound waves are absorbed by the tissues and ligaments of the patient’s body.

Another type of treatment that is gaining importance these days is acupuncture. You can find acupuncture in Dubai as well.