Prostate is a male gland. As an individual ages, the prostate rises in volume and volume, and the elderly male may experience symptoms. The signs of prostate glands are more frequent, which means they are urinating repeatedly in the shower. This indicates a sudden urgent and nocturnal compulsion to urinate. So you go to the toilet to urinate and sleep disturbance.

Signs and symptoms

The other prostate signs, as you should know, i.e. that the patient has urinating problems, mean he won’t start urinating immediately. He has to urinate. In general, signs are disturbing in the lower urinary tract. If someone has the signs, a doctor and most likely a urologist should be seen. We assess the patient in number of steps when the patient comes to us. We do several tests, including blood tests, ultrasound stomachs to see whether uro-fro and a PSA are present. We conclude that this gland is either benign or malignant after a full diagnosis and examination.

Treatment and cure 

There are two pathways of recovery when it is benign and causing signs. Each of these medications needs to be taken at bedtime for at least three to six months. narcotics are also taken. The patient can proceed with the prescriptions if he progresses with these drugs. The other therapy we as a urologist provide is a variety of approaches to limit the prostate gland. The procedure is known as transurethral prostate resection (TURP). You may use old techniques such as cutting power or laser. What are laser and TURP advantages? The advantages are that the patient does not take the medication. The problems are minimal.

The patient remains with the doctors for either 1 to 2 days and returns home for 2-3 days with a catheter, which is eventually removed and he urines well. The patient would also be delighted with the symptoms. There may also be tumours in certain people that have these alarming signs. And by PSA and prostate biopsy, we diagnose cancer. They can also determine how benign and non-malignant the gland is. In case of malignancy, the above is studied completely by the best urology doctor in Dubai by means of an MRI. Again therapy is undertaken in a medicinal or surgical procedure.

Expert’s advice

Urology professional doctor in Dubai choose operation to identify cancer-borne glands which involve radical robotic prostatectomy. If the infection has spread beyond the gland or to other areas of the body rather than bilateral orchestration, such as evacuation of the testis or of chemo and radiotherapy. However, a person should be smart enough to visit a doctor promptly to find IUI treatment cost in UAE and not to spend time on local medication once he begins with his symptoms.