Legal translation services providers are the forerunners in the mainstream business of legal translation. There are several companies that provide legal translation services Dubai. These companies have certified and registered trainers from ministry of justice UAE. The rate of legal translation may vary from place to place. For example at some places a legal translator might charge a solid 200$ for 1000 words. If we look at the different rates, a below average rate is a 5 to 7.5 cents per word. This is the rate per word that is adopted by many new legal translators who have just joined a firm or who have just entered the world of legal translation all by themselves.

If we increase this rate per word mentioned in the article above just by a slight margin of value, we get a much general rate per word that is around 8 to 11 cents per word. But if a legal translator is old and has a lot of experience in the field of legal translation or if a legal translator is working with a reputed firm that offers legal translation services, then we see a much higher rate per word with a greater increase in the vale. This rate per word of around 12 to 15 cents per word is considered to be an above average rate per word.

What is the importance of legal translation?

Since a legal translation is a serious matter, it is much formal than the regular translations, it is very important to find the best firm that offers legal translation services. When you hire a legal translator or consult an organization for it then you must be able to fully depend on them for a reliable outcome. This is because if there is even a slight error in the process or the outcome of that legal translation then you might find yourself into some legal troubles. You can imagine by the fact that a poorly translated document can openly affect peoples’ rights. If that happens, expect yourself to face some legal trials against you.

That is why it is important to find a firm or a company that provides you with assurance that your work will be absolutely fool proof. For this, the organization must know the legal practices of the state really well. Legal translation also includes financial statements translation.