There are some stains that are hard to wash. Other than stains, there are molds build up in the porch or in near the garden and they cannot be washed with soap, cleaning detergents. Such molds and thick residue can be cleaned with a pressure hose and not just any pressure hose, you have to get one from the best fire fighting equipment suppliers.

Such tools are required in a house. If there is a fire, then pressure hose can be used to take out the fire or you can also buy a FM 200 fire suppression system, if it is the case of fire. With a pressure hose, you can also wash your car and clean the exterior walls of your house. If you want to buy a pressure hose and you don’t know anything about it then keep reading to know.

Length: the length of the pressure hose matters when you have a big and tall house, you won’t be needing to climb a ladder and risk your limbs to clean the walls. And if there are small and narrow corners, a long pressure hose will help you wash from every inch of the corner. But it can be challenging when you are done cleaning and you want store it.

Diameter: pressure hoses come in three types of diameter:

  • ¼’’: these are the most common and the smallest pressure hose and it has the pressure rating of 3200 PSI.
  • 5/16’’: this is the medium sized pressure hose and it has the pressure rating of 2700 PSI to 3600 PSI.
  • 3/8’’: this is the largest hose type and it has the pressure rating of 10,000 PSI.

Material: this is another important aspect after the length. Some pressure hoses are expensive and that is why you will want to have a pressure hose that is made up of a strong material that lasts long. Pressure hose comes in three types of materials:

  • Polyurethane is the new type of pressure hose with rubber inside and steel casing from the outside.
  • Rubber pressure hose are very flexible and heavy. But you need extra care for the rubber pressure hose.
  • PVC Plastic is the most common type of material used in pressure hose but they are not very flexible.