The Great Britain actually is a part of United Kingdoms. And we all know that the greatest movies of all time like The Harry Potter was a British made movie series and it still has it effects. The UK is made up of Wales, England, Scotland, northern Irelands and it is also famous for the bands The Beatles and the very famous writer Shakespeare. Its capital is London. It is famous for its universities, education institutes like american schools in qatar and different heritage sites.

Its population is 66.65 million as of 2019, survey done by Eurostat and its prime minister is Boris Johnson and the country uses pound sterling as currency. If you are travelling to the Great Britain then we suggest that you read some of our facts about the British, so read more here.

  1. England was conquered by William Normandy in 1066. At that time, England was a part of Angevin Empire and this was during the reign of Henry the second and this included most parts of the western France and Ireland as well.
  2. Henry V and Edward III had conquered huge areas of France and they conquered the land for more than a hundred years of war that started from 1337 and ended in 1453 and at the time England only had Calais which they also lost in 1558.
  3. England was not so powerful back than as it is now and, in the 1500, the kings of England only had coastal towns and Pale in hand and even lost control of Ireland.
  4. England’s first overseas colony was established in Newfoundland because of the King Henry VII, from 1460 to 1497, sponsored voyages of John Cabot.
  5. Sir Francis Drake took the world tour and that was during the reign of Tudor Queen Elizabeth I. Drake landed an unknown in northern California and then that was the time that she claimed for the English Crown in 1579.
  6. A short-lived colony was made by Sir Walter Raleigh in north Carolinas in 1587.
  7. But not all was lost because there was a colony named as Jamestown in Virginia established in 1607 and it was established by Captain John Smith.
  8. Slowly, England started establishing colonies and towns in the west indies in 1620s.

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